Miami Brain Fair at the Museum of Science

On Saturday, March 22 from 10 am – 4 pm, local university scientists will be at the downtown Museum of Science to teach children how the brain works.  Kids can touch a real brain, play with brain puzzles, see electrical activity from their own muscles, and find out if they are a super taster.  Additional fun activities include face painting and puppet shows.

Miami Brain Fair (2)


DBFE’s ‘Reading Oasis’ Book Fair

The first Scholastic book fair of the school year was a great success! Here are a few photos of the media center, after its transformation into a Reading Oasis.

Many thanks to Ms. Avetrani, Ms. Calenzani, and all the other staff members and parent volunteers who helped throughout the week of the book fair. Without them, this event would not have been possible! 😀

DBFE Family Fun Night

Last Friday, September 20th, students and their families had the chance to watch a belly dancing show (as well as learn a few moves of their own), play hieroglyphics bingo, and color Egyptian-themed art during our Family Fun Night. Best of all, Mr. Breeding and Mr. Mancebo volunteered themselves to be mummified by a number of students. Our Scholastic book fair was also open throughout the night and was an enormous success! Check out our photo recap below. 😀

A special thanks to our dedicated PTA for all their efforts in coordinating the event! Also, many thanks to the teachers and staff members that volunteered their time to help. Without their assistance, Family Fun Night could not have been possible!

Men in Plaid: The Kilowatt Connection

On Tuesday, September 17th, students enjoyed a presentation, entitled “Men in Plaid: The Kilowatt Connection, which delivered important energy conservation messages through costumes, a colorful set and an engaging cast of characters, including Moldy and Skuller, The Boss, Ooot Blatuu, and The Slug. Their adventures helped teach DBFE students lessons about how electricity and energy are made, the uses of energy, and how they can help save energy, all with the help of a posse of hilarious characters and their zany energy endeavors.”  (Source:

The Book Fair is Here! Sept. 16-20

CaptureOur Scholastic Book Fair is here! The book fair will be open daily beginning today, Monday, Sept. 16th through Friday, Sept 20th.For the first time ever, our Book Fair will open Friday evening, from 6-8 p.m., during our PTA Family Fun Night! Don’t miss this great opportunity to buy that special book for your child. 

1Note: Please make all personal checks payable to Dante B. Fascell PTA. School volunteers are always welcome.

See you at the Book Fair! 😀

Soccer Shootout – Photo Recap

Our United Way Soccer Shootout was a great success! Hundreds of students participated in this event, raising money for a great cause.

The organization “invests in helping children and youth succeed in school and stay off the streets, ensuring care and companionship for our elderly, giving families the tools they need to stay together, helping people stay healthy and well, promoting economic independence, and reaching out fast in the face of emergencies” (Source).

Special thanks to our United Way sponsors, Mr. Gastelli and Ms. Villa, for their time and efforts in orchestrating this activity. Also, many thanks to the parent volunteers, as well as classroom teachers, who assisted throughout the school day.

United Way Soccer Shootout – Thursday, Sept 12

ImageThe United Way campaign will host a Soccer Shootout on Thursday, September 12. Students who wish to participate will donate $1 in support of the campaign. Students will also be able to wear their favorite sports jersey or shirt by paying an additional $1.

Many thanks to Mr. Gasteli and Ms. Villa for spearheading this event.

We hope all our students show their support and participate in this great cause!