About Dante B. Fascell Elementary School

At Dante B. Fascell Elementary School, we will foster the academic, social and emotional development of all our students so they will become active participants and prosper in today’s ever changing society. Our staff of innovative and dedicated professionals is committed to providing the best educational program available to our students in a safe, nurturing environment. The curriculum at DBFE is rigorous and relevant to meet the academic needs of our students.

MISSION Our school-wide mission is to brighten the future through the power of knowledge, using a multiple-intelligence approach.

VISION Dante B. Fascell Elementary School will help individuals excel by discovering their full potential, experiencing the lure of the future, and dreaming of and actualizing the possible. The vision will be accomplished by: daring to dream, nurturing the intellect, expressing emotions, raising achievement, sharing responsibility, and fostering the love for reading.
VALUES Dante B. Fascell Elementary School is driven by collaborative efforts between the students, staff, parents, and business community to build a foundation that includes the underlying beliefs and values that all children can and will learn, given mutual respect and support.



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