Services Available via The Institute for Child & Family Health

The Institute for Child and Family Health, Inc. is currently offering an array of services in schools, the community, and homes for children, adolescents and adults from ages 6 to 21 years.

  • Behavioral Counseling for:
    • Depression, anxiety, ADHD, learning disabilities, disruptive behaviors, anger management, substance use, poor coping skills, poor impulse control, distractibility, and non-compliance with attendance, instruction, rules and regulations (6-21 years)
  • Case Management:
    • Linking services, doctor’s appointments, housing, shelter, food, clothing, physical needs, and other basic needs (6-17 years)
  • Psychiatric:
    • Assessment, medication management, consultation, etc. (6-17 years)
  • Psychological Testing:
    • Intellectual functioning, academic assessment, psycho-educational skills for daily living (6-17 years)
  • Grant Programs:
    • Empowerment, anger management groups, SNAP (Stop Now and Plan), and functional family therapy

For more information, please contact The Institute for Child and Family Health, Inc. at (North Dade) 305-722-7159; (South Dade) 305-722-5635.


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